Welcome to the Nook!

Sabrina Furfaro here, Owner & Mastermind of Nik Nak Nook. Born in Malton and raised in Scarborough Ontario. I have always been an aspiring entrepreneur, surrounded by the creative aspects of all things pretty and fun. At the beginning of my professional life, I found my passion in hairstyling, focusing on creating a stress free experience for my guests' most special occasions. And so, it should come as no surprise that after 20 years in the industry I was wanting to create something fresh and new. Being part of these special occasions, I found a new passion in being able to provide others with a great shopping experience, in all things party and gift. Knowing I wanted to go all in with this new found passion, I took the plunge and created something I could've only dreamed of! Since starting this venture in 2018, I could honestly say this journey could not have come to fruition without all those who have supported us.

Why the Nik Nak Nook?

Because ours is a boutique born in Schomberg, Ontario, we have been able to create a warm and inviting establishment for this charming community. Let's be honest, who doesn’t love Niks and Naks in a cozy Nook!

No uninspired, basic big-box offerings here. Instead, our premium party and gift boutique contains a unique and curated collection of my favorite things, as well as the tools & inspiration to throw your own beautiful & effortless event. I’ve sourced many products from local artisans, as well as unique pieces from all around the world. Allowing me the opportunity to offer you a wide range of products you won't find just anywhere and all in one place.

“Some people look for a beautiful place. Others make a place beautiful.”

Hazrat Inavat Khan

Nik Nak Niche

My design sense and style are continuously evolving, but more often than not, I'm drawn to things that are trendy, unique, and a bit festive. I have a strong sense for up and coming trends that I believe are represented in the products I've selected for you, my valued customers, and friendly new comers. From one host to another, I hope you find the perfect Nik Nak within our Nook.